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PerSimiO introduces, Simfini, a superior CT-based prediction model to simulate the response of human bones to load. Based on intelligent machine learning, finite element analysis and computational biomechanics – with nearly two decades of research and experimentation – our validated technology generates bone quality and strength assessment with unmatched reliability.



Simfini Automated Simulation Process



Orthopedic decisions are often made on the basis of opinion rather than scientific calculations, which can lead to unnecessary surgery or suboptimal treatment.  Finite Element Analysis has the theoretical ability to make these calculations,but until now has lacked the verification,validations,and automation necessary for orthopedic clinical use.

PerSimiO has developed a validated finite element analysis simulation system for evaluating bone strength.  The system provides an accurate assessment of patient bone strength and the impact of patient specific care.

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PerSimiO offers a superior prediction technology based on proprietary simulation of the response of human bones to load.  The technology has been validated by ex-vivo experiments on a large cohort of human femurs, using routine CT scans.

PerSimiO's patented technology  is a fully automated web-service that may be integrated within a hospital PACS or accessed from a web-browser as a locally hosted web-application.

Although our team has applied the technology primarily to femur-related conditions, we plan to expand the list of Simfini applications to assess bone strength in the humerus, vertebrae, and other bones of the body.


Simfini Fracture Risk Report






Simfini-OSTEO is a powerful new tool to identify the 10%-12% of new hip fracture patients who will sustain a contralateral fracture within two to three years unless they receive proper treatment and continued monitoring and oversight by their physician. 



Simfini-TUMOR is the first scientific tool for identifying the patients with metastatic and benign bone tumors who are in need of prophylactic surgery to prevent a pathologic fracture.


Simfini-IMPLANT helps select the optimal femur implant in THR, taking into account all parameters such as reduction in bone density due to stress shielding.  

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