PerSimiO offers several cutting edge applications......



Long bone skeletal metastases are common in the US, with more than 280,000 new cases every year. Clinical dilemma: whether the metastatic tumor has weakened the bone sufficiently such that a pathological fracture is imminent. To answer that question, physicians rely primarily on Mirels’ Criterion which has been criticized by MDs regarding its ability to predict fractures. Simfini-TUMOR provides a reliable risk of fracture assessment to address this clinical dilemma. Hence, fewer unnecessary surgeries need be performed.


Orthopedic surgeons select joint hip implants based on X-ray scans. There are about 400,000 surgeries per year in the US, of which 15% are revision surgeries. Simfini-IMPLANT analyzes the bone-implant structure and selects a patient-specific implant (among all available implants in the specific hospital) that is biomechanically appropriate for the specific patient. This improves the surgical outcome by improving a patient’s quality of life and reduces the expense of treatment.



Osteoporosis has become a major public health threat for an estimated 44 million Americans. In the US, 10 million individuals are estimated to be osteoporotic and almost 34 million more are estimated to have low bone mass, placing them at increased risk for osteoporosis. 400,000 cases of femur fractures occur every year. 10% among those 400,000 will experience a contralateral hip fracture within two years. At present orthopedic surgeons cannot identify the patients with higher contralateral fracture risk. Use PerSimiO patient specific strength evaluation technology - Simfini-OSTEO, to identify the ones with high risk of contralateral fracture and take measures to minimize this risk.