Founder – Chief Operating Officer – Eitan Segall                                                                             

Eitan served as PerSimiO's CEO during the seed stage until October 2016. Previously, he was CEO of ESC, an industrial company with 200 employees.  During his tenure, he successfully increased income by 32%, improved the operating efficiency and the marketing effort of the Company. Earlier in his career, for a period of seven years, Eitan served as Head of the engineering division and a managing partner of Makhteshim Chemical Works (today, ADAMA), a multinational agrochemical company where he was responsible for several big projects amounting to $340M. In 2003 Eitan was on the team that established the biggest engineering natural gas department in Israel (Baran Group) responsible for design of most of the natural gas infrastructure in Israel and managed few of their projects.  Eitan holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Ben Gurion University (1990) and an MBA from Ben Gurion University (1999).