Founder - Principal Software Engineer – Kent Myers, MSc                                                            

Kent received a BA in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota in 1978, and a MS in Engineering Policy from Washington University in 1980. He was a member of the start-up team that formed Noetic Technologies to commercialize the finite element analysis research of Dr. Barna Szabo at Washington University. The company was venture capital funded and acquired by MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation (MSC) after 5 years. Kent was a co-founder of Engineering Software Research and Development (ESRD), a company in operation for more than 27 years, to develop, market and sell StressCheck, a Finite Element Analysis tool for the engineering industry. He served as Vice President and Manager of the Software Development for the team that was responsible for developing and maintaining the software infrastructure including solid modeling, automatic meshing, graphic visualization, user interface, and general data management.